5* December Umrah Package (10 Nights)

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5* December Umrah Packages (£699 Per Person)

  • 5 Nights Grand Hotel Makkah(Room only)
  • 5 Nights Crown Plaza Madinah (Room only)
  • Private transport included (Airport-Makkah-Madinah-Airport)
  • * Visa & Transportation are included
  • * Flight tickets are included
  • * Ziyarat can be arranged at extra cost
  • Quad Sharing Price £699/Per Person

    Triple Sharing Price £725/Per Person

    Double Sharing Price £799/Per Person


Umrah tour packages

Travel for Umrah presents Umrah tour packages that are specifically designed to facilitate the ones who have the utmost desire to visit the House of Almighty. Our 5 star December Umrah package is best to choose if you want to deliver your Umrah in utmost peace and convenience.

Umrah; The Holy Ritual

Umrah is a non- mandatory Ibadah that is though not obligatory like Hajj but has paramount spiritual significance. The Ibadah not only diminishes the past wrongdoings done by a Muslim but also broadened his sight to explore and adapt the world. Prophet Muhammad SAWW emphasized on the performance of Umrah as He SAWW said;

“The deliverance of Umrah is recompense for the sins committed between it and the preceding Umrah; and the recompense of Hajj- e- mabroor is nothing less than Ecstasy.”

December Umrah packages By Travel for Umrah

Travel for Umrah is the travel agency working in the travel industry for many years to endeavor nothing but best to its customers. Our exclusively designed Umrah packages will never make our customers to choose in contrast to their desire.
If you are planning to perform your Umrah this year, then the month of December would work best. Saudi Arab is a deserted land and the temperature during the summers rise up to 45 degrees. In such a harsh and hot weather, performing Umrah will full dedication is not possible so if you choose December as your Umrah month then you can deliver your Umrah peacefully without any hassle. Choose the 5 star December Umrah packages bestow by Travel for Umrah and enjoy a worriless spree to the most pious land on the face of earth.

5 star December Umrah Packages

5 star Umrah packages are the most luxurious one and offers all the royalty that one desire in his Umrah trip. From room facilities to convenient transportation, 5 star packages are best to select for a peaceful Umrah.


This December Umrah package consists of 10 days in total where pilgrims have to stay first 5 days of their tour in Makkah and the next 5 days in Madinah. In Makkah, their accommodation will be Grand Hotel while their stay over in Madinah will be Crown Plaza.

Grand Hotel Makkah

Referring Grand Hotel Makkah to be one of the finest hotels in Makkah would not be wrong as the hotel bestows a direct view to cemetery of Al- Mu’allah and Jabal e Noor (cave Hira). Situated on a 10 minute walk from the holy Grand Mosque, the Grand Hotel lies in the closest proximity to Masjid al Haram.

Pilgrims selecting the 5 star December Umrah package will be provided with room only. The rooms in Grand Hotel are air conditioned and are equipped with facilities like LED screen TV with satellite channels, mini refrigerator with a selection of premium food and beverages items, tea/ coffee maker, private bathroom with bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and other bathroom amenities.
Facilities like free Wi- Fi, parking, 24 hour desk reception, fitness center, business facilities, cleaning services and many other makes this hotel the most selected one by the pilgrims.

Crown Plaza Madinah

Known for its utmost glory and magnificence, Crown Plaza is a perfect accommodation to stay during your Umrah. The modern and concrete building of Crown Plaza is on a 5 minute walk from Masjid al Nabawi SAWW, 14 minute walk from Al- Baqi Cemetery and 3 km from Hejaz Railway Museum.
Pilgrims will be provided with room only. The rooms are modernly decorated with colorful accents and facilities like flat screen TV, free Wi- Fi, minibar, tea/ coffee maker and laundry service are also provided here.
Facilities like 2 restaurants, 1 laid- back café, 1 bar, 1 fitness center, 1 serving international fare, business center and free parking make this hotel a perfect accommodation for the pilgrims.

Private Transport

Private transportation is included in the package too so that pilgrims can surpass their Umrah spree with ease and convenience. Private transportation includes the route from Airport to Makkah, from Makkah to Madinah and from Madinah to the Airport.

Visa & Transportation are included

Both visa and transportation inside Makkah and Madinah are hard to arrange yourself so Travel for Umrah has arranged them for its customers to endeavor them utmost convenience.

Flight tickets are Included

Best airline will be selected for the pilgrims choosing this package so that they can fly hassle- free.


Paying visitation to the sacred sites pertaining to pious people of the past is referred as Ziyarat. The visitation is a virtual one and there enhances the spirit of delivering Umrah. It is up to pilgrims to pay Ziyarat to these sites so can be arranged at extra cost.

Package Price

The package price for this 5 star package is £699 Per Person where £699 per Person is for Quad Sharing, £725 per Person for Triple Sharing and £799 per Person for Double Sharing. Travel for Umrah offers the most discounted and affordable Umrah packages so grab your suitable package and let your longing desire to be fulfilled.

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