Cheap Hajj Packages

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  • AlFajar Albadie (1) Hotel Makkah
  • Al Mukhtara International -Madina
  • Full Board in the hotel (Breakfast/ Dinner)
  • Emirates Airlines or Similar
  • Hajj Draft Mina and Arafat tents with AC Full Board (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Qurbani included
  • 5 litre of Zamzam per person
  • Ihram with belt for Mens only
  • Backpack Umbrella
  • Mandatory Hajj Seminar
  • Shoes’ Bag
  • Rucksack Bag (Male, Female)
    £ 5795 /pp
    4/5 Person Sharing

    Requirements for Hajj booking

  • Prices do not include the repeat Hajj fee of SAR 2000 Per Individual. Its payable by the Haji during document submission
  • Travel insurance is recommended and so its requested to have one before you travel Date of departure and consequently travel to Madinah Munawwarah can be +/- 1/2 days, based on moon sighting.
  • Package prices have been carefully calculated and presented, hence negotiations may not be possible.
  • Date of departure 22nd July 2022. Return 08 August 2022
  • Return from Madinah - Madinah/Jeddah/London
  • Mina & ‘Arafah services (during 5 days of Hajj) are provided by Saudi Govt. Mu’allim and they shall be responsible for it.
  • £ 2000 PP is required to book your Hajj slot in any group, and the rest is payable by Ramadan
  • Religious Scholar and qualified guide with us for 24 hours during hajj trip.
  • We are authorised Agent from ministry of Hajj and Saudi embassy London UK IATA and ATOL protected company
  • Our ATOL number is 11337 (Haleema Travels)
  • Business Address; 171B Dunstable RD, Luton, LU1 1BT, United Kingdom.
  • Tel: ‭00 44 20 8133 9545‬

Economy Hajj Package


Hajj is the obligatory Ibadah in the religion Islam because it is one of the pillars among the five pillars of the belief. Hajj can be said as the fastest way for cleansing of soul because when a Muslim performs Hajj with true intention and Niyyah, his all of the past wrong doings demolished. It is the narration by a hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAWW that a person after performing Hajj who does not commit any transgression will become as clean as a child who is readily out from mother’s womb.

Cheap Hajj packages

Every Muslim keeps a desire to see holy Kabah once in his life and in order to fulfill the desire to perform Hajj, it is necessary to select a Cheap Hajj package. Many of the travel agencies are working for the purpose. One of these travel agencies is “Travel for Umrah” whose one and only aim is to being the top of the rank. In order to do so, we are delivering the best to our customers so that they can have a wide choice to choose in accordance to their need and desire.

Non-shifting Hajj package By Travel for Umrah

Out of our numerous Cheap Hajj packages, most of them are non-shifting. Cheap non-shifting Hajj Packages refers that a pilgrim can stay at one place throughout the trip and do not have to switch places from site to site. It will be obviously fatiguing for a pilgrim to migrate from place to place with his or her luggage instead of doing Ibadah. The non- shifting package is a convenience itself as you do not have to wander from place to place and can stay at one place with comfort and without any worries.

Economy Hajj package

This is the cheap Hajj packages pertaining to 4 star category which means that the facilities are in between 3 and 5 star. They are not too luxurious and shimmery but are perfectly enough for a pilgrim to fulfill his religious duties. 4 star packages are actually best to opt because they are very good in their facilities endeavoring and are very pocket friendly. You can travel with your family or kids with non-shifting Cheap Hajj packages because it will be perfect in means of its amenities and also will not burden your pocket at all.

Time span of Staying

Our this non-shifting cheap Hajj package offers stay of 16/17 NIGHTS CAN BE PLUS +-1/2 DEPEND ON FLIGHT CONFIRMATION in both of the holiest cities of Makkah and Madina.


The accommodation we are offering in our cheap Hajj package will surely be applauded by our customers because of their top notched facilities and very low prices. Pilgrims opting this package have to stay at AlFajar Albadie (1) Hotel situated in Makkah and at Al Mukhtara International Hotel -Madina.


Flights to the holy land will be arranged on Saudi airline that is one of best travel airline among other airlines so that our customers can travel without any concern and worry.

Departure and Arrival

The departure of the pilgrims will be on 22 JULY 2022 and the arrival into their own land will be on 08 AUGUST 2022.

Cheap Hajj Package price

Package price is starting from 5795 pounds. The package price is such a cheap one if you look on all of the facilities and comfort that will be bestow to the pilgrims.

Cheap Hajj Packages Including Qurbani

Qurbani is one of the most eminent rituals of Hajj and is the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim AS who was ready to sacrifice his one and only child for the will of Almighty. Therefore due to the utmost importance of this ritual, we have included Qurbani in this non-shifting cheap Hajj packages so that you can perform your Hajj without being worried of other things.

Cheap Hajj package

Why choose Travel for Umrah and our cheap Hajj package? The cheap Hajj packages endeavor by Travel for Umrah are known to be least pocket burdensome and we always want to snug you with our cheapest package prices. It is the matter of utmost pleasure that the Hajj packages designed by our travel agency are endow to benefit the customers who has a strengthen desire to walk on the land of Prophet Muhammad SAWW in means of both amenities and budget.

Contact us For Booking

Travel for Umrah is the travel agency that values its customers the most and our very first priority is to endeavor the best of us to the pilgrims who are going on such a blissed journey. We welcome you by core of our heart and so that your suggestions and queries. You can contact us anytime for your information and questions at and also can contact us at 0208-133-9545. Our email address is which will also be beneficiary if you have something in your mind to ask.