5 star non-shifting Hajj Packages

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    Package Itinerary

  • Swissotel - Makkah
  • Dar Al Iman Intercontinental -Madina
  • Hajj Visa & Draft
  • Half Board
  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Accommodation/Food in Makkah & Madinah
  • Free Qurbani
  • Ihram & Ihram Belt
  • Rucksack bag(Male,Female)
  • Shoes’ Bag
  • Umbrella
  • 5L Zamzam
  • Mandatory Hajj Seminar
    Quad Occupation
    Triple Occupation
    Double - Sharing


  • Prices do not include the repeat Hajj fee of SAR 2000 Per Individual. Its payable by the Haji during document submission.
  • Travel insurance is recommended and so its requested to have one before you travel Date of departure and consequently travel to Madinah Munawwarah can be +/- 1/2 days, based on moon sighting.
  • Package prices have been carefully calculated and presented, hence negotiations may not be possible.
  • Mina & ‘Arafah services (during 5 days of Hajj) are provided by Saudi Govt. Mu’allim and they shall be responsible for it.
  • £ 2000 PP is required to book your Hajj slot in any group, and the rest is payable by Ramadan.
  • We are authorised Agent from ministry of Hajj and Saudi embassy London UK IATA and ATOL protected company
  • Our ATOL number is 11337 (Haleema Travels)
  • Business Address; 171B Dunstable RD, Luton, LU1 1BT, United Kingdom.

5 star non-shifting Hajj Packages

Travel for Umrah presents different non- shifting Hajj packages that will be right in accordance to our customer’s choice. The non- shifting Hajj packages we are endeavoring to our customers are 5 star Hajj packages that will provide you all the luxury, comfort and royalty that everyone wants in a perfect ongoing trip especially when the trip of someone is towards the most sacred land in the world.

The non- shifting 5 star Hajj packages that we offer are unique and satisfactory among all the other such Hajj packages bestow by other travel agencies because we value our customers and their priorities the most. We offer accommodations both in Madinah and Makkah in 5 star hotels situated at the best locations in the city. We always try to make our customers’ journey happy and satisfactory.

Accommodation in the Holy Land

Our 5 star non- shifting Hajj Package consists of stay in either Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental hotel or Swissotel hotel that are 5 star luxurious hotels in Makkah.

Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental Hotel in Makkah

Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental is a 5 star gracious hotel serving as a distinctive landmark of the holy city and endeavoring accommodations to millions of people per year. The hotel is eminent among the tourists especially among pilgrims for its trained staff, multi- language speakers who have the ability to attend the customers properly, wide range amenities, fabulous services and usage of up to date technology that makes the hotel a best option to choose. A 10 night stay in the Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental hotel is the part of our Hajj package.

Swissotel in Makkah

Swissotel hotel can also be opt as a living site for 10 nights as the hotel is situated in Abraj al Bait complex, one of the finest places in the city. The hotel faces holy Kabah directly and a beautiful plain view of the holy Kabah can be your companion during your stay on your sacred journey. The hotel has direct access to Masjid al Haram and is among the few hotels that are a few steps farther to the Grand Mosque. Very much alike Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental hotel, the hotel is full with excellent amenities and its elegant décor is the most alluring point to be opted by the pilgrims.

Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental hotel in Madinah

We also offer accommodation in the city of migration; Madina Mukarrama in Dar Al Aimen Intercontinental hotel for 3 or 4 nights. The hotel is situated just 3 minutes away by walk from the Prophet’s Mosque so is the number one choice for the pilgrims. The hotel’s unlimited customer friendly services and a bundle of amenities are always admired by the tourists staying here. In all of the three hotels, half board in them is offered which includes Breakfast and dinner only and no lunch.

Flights we endeavor

Our non-shifting Hajj package also includes economy class flight. Economy class, also referred as standard, coach or sometimes more ingenuously cattle class is not that bad how much it is portrayed to be. The things were problematic in the past and the economy class passengers were treated low than the business class but now the things got much better. The main difference between the economy and business class is the difference in the legroom. That is the width and pitch of the seat. The seat difference is not noticeable really and with the absence of few amenities, the flight will serve you almost same as that of business class. Economy class flights are best to travel with family and kids as you will be saving your pocket pretty much.

Tents in Mina and Arafat

Mina; the city of tent has been filled up by pilgrims on the 7th Zill Hajj night or 8th Zil Hajj morning which is situated around 8 km away from Makkah city. More than 2 million people move from Makkah to Mina in the same time frame. Our package also endeavors Mina and Arafat tents that you will set up in Mina. The stay in Mina is for about 5 to 6 days so prepare yourself to live in a tent that you had never done before. The tents we offer are comfortable and cosy and will not bother you as it is your first time. It is recommended to the pilgrims that the space is really scarce in Mina tents so many of the pilgrims have to share one tent. Try to be patient and tolerate others with open heart.

Avoid bringing unnecessary item

Try not to bring unnecessary luggage and bring only those items that you will need the most. Many pf the pilgrims bring a bundle of unnecessary luggage and then throw it there because they have no space to accommodate that luggage inside their tents.


You will be provided with three meals by the Maktab in Mina and the repasts include meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), fruit, juices, lassi etc as per your package. As your package is a 5 star one, then you will be given with best of the facilities and amenities. Your travel agent has to pay already to the Maktab for the job to be done as per the category and the facilities. It is advised to remember your camp through nearby sign boards and of course through GPS.


5 star non- shifting Hajj package also includes Qurbani in the package. Without Qurbani, ones pilgrimage cannot be completed as the ritual is among the most admired one among other rituals in front of Allah Almighty. The ritual is performed in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Ismael AS who in order to please the will of their Lord, were ready to sacrifice and to be sacrificed.

Fetching ZamZam to home

After the performance of Hajj and returning to home, a pilgrim is allowed to bring 5 litres of ZamZam water back to home. The water of ZamZam is one of the signs of Allah Almighty’s presence and His SWT love for his people Hajra and Ismael AS. The incident of the upbringing of well of ZamZam has been known one of the most astonishing miracles of the history. The rule of taking 5 litres of ZamZam water differs from airline to airline but in our package, you are supposed to take only 5 litres of it.

Ihram and belt for men

Ihram is the traditional dress that Muslim men are supposed to wear before entry Makkah at the point of Meeqat. The wearing of Ihram is the announcement that many of the things that were Halaal for the person are now Haraam and it pronounces one’s intention and Niyyah that he is ready to perform Hajj. Wearing of Ihram is necessary for men and without it one is not able to perform Hajj. However, women are not supposed to wear Ihram and can perform Hajj in their regular clothes. They should make it certain that no of their body part should be seen except their hands and face. Men have to wear Ihram along with belts that will be endeavored to them in the package. Ihram with belts is worn by pilgrims because the belt makes the Ihram intact and in place as well. Also, the belts have usually multiple zip pockets to keep the money and important belongings secure. The belt has one large zipper pocket in the back for more safe items and has an adjustable strap with latch for a strong connection.

Backpacks and Umbrellas

The weather of the Saudi Kingdom is extremely hot and during the Hajj season millions of people are there in the Grand mosque. Especially in the Mataf area, the sun is burning to its full and the pilgrims cannot help themselves but to sit and wait and drinks plenty of water. Many of the initiatives are taken to cool down the open areas but the best thing that will aid you out the most everywhere is umbrella. The backpack umbrellas will be provided to the pilgrims so that they can carry the umbrellas with them place to place because they are light weighted and easy to carry. Hajj seminar for ladies includes backpack umbrellas and the cost for Double Sharing is £9595, the amount for Triple Sharing is £8595.00 and that for Quad Sharing is £7595.00.
Double - Sharing
Triple - Sharing

Documentation you require

The requirements for booking your 5 star non- shifting Hajj package is a copy of your passport and deposition of 1000.00 euros. It should be noted that the passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the date of departure and not less than that. Many of the ladies change their surname after their marriages and use their husband’s name with their name instead of their father’s name. However, if the husband surname does not match with the wife’s or kids’ surname then it is requested to our customers to provide us original marriage certificate or birth certificate of the child. In this way we can assure your passport and identity.

European passport holders

Those who pertains to Europe having European passport, they are obliged to provide last three months old bank statement original one, copy will not be accepted in their case.

5 star non- shifting Hajj package

Hajj: Hajj is the sacrosanct jaunt towards the land of the holy Kabah that is mandatory to be performed by every Muslim who is physically, mentally and financially stable and endow to perform it. The virtue of performing Hajj is myriad and in accordance to one of the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, a pilgrim who perform his pilgrimage with true intention and dedication and do not commit any "Kabeera Gunnah" (the great sins that are not forgivable by Almighty Allah) will be returned to the Lord as pure as a new born child's soul.

Hajj package: The 5 star non-shifting Hajj package endeavor by Travel for Umrah can prove to be the best companion of your pilgrimage's excursion because of its top notched facilities and remarkable services. By opting the package, pilgrims will be endow to travel to their dream land without any hassle or trouble.

Our authorization

Our Umrah travel agency is authorized from Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and from Saudi Embassy London, United Kingdom, IATA and ATOL protected company. You can visit our site Our business address is 171B Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 1BT. You can contact us at our telephone number 0044 208 133 9545.